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Pacific Rim Defense is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business headquartered in the "Aloha" state and the geographical center of the great Pacific Rim.

Our team specializes in engineering, cyber security, program management, technical and logistics services. PRD team members are strategically located and globally engaged with our customer base. We are a network of successful, experienced professionals, a number of whom are on second careers. We employ technology in our corporate knowledge sharing and communications while remaining sensitive to the intrinsic value of close human networking. 

PRD was established by founder Bob Baudrau with an interest in continuing to provide services relating to his 42 plus years in acquisition, engineering, technical and operational support services in the Department of Defense community. During this period, he developed trusted personal and business relationships representing a wide array of extremely talented and experienced professionals many of whom continue to provide valuable service through PRDs' innovative management style and structure. Having relevant engagements in Engineering, Cyber Security, IT Services, International Logistics, Exercise/Experimentation Integration Planning, New Technology Experimentation and Demonstration under the Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) construct, Military Utility Assessments, OUSD sponsored program Project Management, Coalition Operations and Studies. The PRD professional staff and resource pool can assemble tailored teams to meet your needs and be on task in short order. 

Our Leadership

Bob Baudrau.jpg

Bob Baudrau, President 

Mr. Robert “Bob” Baudrau has been engaged in the DoD industry for over forty (40) years and has served in the U.S. Navy and Joint community in both active and reserve capacities. His experience cuts across many technical disciplines to include engineering and technical services, operational and logistics planning and execution for real world military engagements, exercises and coalition collaborations. Bob’s military and civilian experience in operational test and evaluation and global logistics support is extensive, focusing on operational demonstrations of new and emerging technologies, leading to expedited technology procurements and fielding in support of the Warfighter. Having been mobilized and deployed operationally for multiple campaigns around the world during his forty plus (40+) year tenure in the military as enlisted and as an officer, Bob understands the needs of a capable, operationally responsive military and has established Pacific Rim Defense, LLC to serve the U.S. and coalition Warfighter.

Don Midgett.jpg

Don Midgett, Executive Vice President

Mr. Midgett has over 40 years of business experience including service as Chief Executive Officer, President, Operations Manager, Technical Director and Advisor to Board of Directors. He has decades of successful performance as an advisor to management, focused on coaching, strategic planning, business development, team building, change management and Baldrige assessment. Mr. Midgett has designed human performance technology exercises, workshops and executive training sessions for more than 20 years. With additional skills in leadership development and organizational dynamics, Mr. Midgett has extensive experience working with a variety of Federal, State and local government agencies, new business owners, and with privately and publicly held companies.


Scott Wills, Vice President, Quality Assurance and Safety

Mr. Wills has 34 years of direct government experience supporting the Navy starting as an Enlisted Fire Control Technician (FT) and closing as GM-15 Department Head. After concluding honorable Navy service, Scott’s government civilian career commenced in 1974 at Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Port Hueneme, CA, when it was a missile system engineering station. From 1979 to 2007, Scott served in progressive technical and managerial positions, culminating as a GM-15 Department Head at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), Keyport, WA. He was a plank owner and Deputy Department Head of the NUWC In-Service Engineering Agent organization for multiple combat and weapon systems. Scott was the NUWC Keyport ISEA lead responsible for attainment of ISO  9000 certification. As the Operations Services Department Head, he managed a team responsible for all support operations of the command and the base. This included all procurement and the NUWC Keyport Contracting Officer warranted by NAVSEA 02 for Unlimited Contract Authority. Scott has worked in the DoD commercial industry for the past 15 years joining the PRD Management Team in 2012 as Quality Manager responsible for PRD’s attainment of its’ ISO 9001 Certification in 2019 and re-certifications since.

Scott’s education includes a Bachelor of Business Administration, a MS in Systems and Industrial Management, and an MPA. Additionally, he was an Adjunct Professor with Chapman University and the University of Massachusetts Schools of Business and Professional Studies for 21 years.

Chuck Lopez.jpg

Chuck Lopez, Vice President, Strategic and Financial Development

Charles “Chuck” Lopez has worked globally in international business and trade, with particular expertise in the Indo-Pacific region. Chuck has nearly 30 years of experience building global relationships in finance and business, centering around sales, insurance, investment consulting, and alternative project financing for company expansions and startups. He has also set up financial service offices in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand and helped launch a Swedish international credit union.

Chuck has pioneered new financial models specifically for projects in Vietnam and Malaysia and provided comprehensive analysis, planning, and vetting for local investment firms looking for innovative financial instruments. Chuck also vetted and marketed local projects worth $850 million.

Chuck has built a valuable business network linking corporate training to education sectors in Southeast Asia, including thirty of some of the largest and most reputable enterprises including banks, technology firms, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, business schools, universities, public schools, and private individuals. Chuck is connected to the University of Hawaii, Shidler College of Business, Global Alumni Network of 29,000 alumni in 40 countries and has special ties with the 850+ and highly influential VEMBA Alumni Network in Vietnam. He has also served on the Board of Directors in the USA for the Lions Club International and Rotary International. He is a Past President of the Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce and Past President and Director of BIAP/WHAF Organization. Chuck is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Hawaii Shidler College of Business. 

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